The Main Event

This is it ¨C the legend that started it all¡­ and now it¡¯s your story to continue. We recommend choosing your size, then letting your creative culinary genius go from there. Not sure you¡¯re in the mood for a burger this time around, take a look at our other sandwich, chicken, and hot dog offerings.

Need it Gluten-Free?
Ask your server for gluten-free buns and other options available on any burger and most sandwiches.


Let's get Started!

We get it¡­ after all this talk about delicious fresh-made food, you¡¯re hungry for something NOW. Here¡¯s a few of the appetizers and quick bites you can get on the fly whenever you visit your closest local Cheeburger restaurant.

Fries & Rings

Crispy. Tasty. Toasty.

Freshly fried throughout the day and never, ever frozen ¨C that¡¯s the Cheeburger motto for our hand-cut French fries and onion rings. And while they¡¯re definitely delicious enough all on their own, we invite you to let your taste buds run wild with some chili-cheese extras or an inventive dipping sauce.


Invent Yours!

Forget about salads with fancy names like Cobb and Wedge. You know what you like on your salad ¨C so let us make you one exactly like that! Not only do you get a fresh-from-the-garden lettuce mix to start with, but you can customize your salad with any of our burger toppings as well as some salad-specific choices and dressings.

Shakes & Malts

Shake It Up!

Consider this fair warning, we¡¯re as cool as it gets when it comes to milkshakes and malts. That¡¯s because, once again, it¡¯s all about you. Whether you choose one of our signature milkshake recipes or you mix and match your own, you¡¯re about to enjoy the chilliest ice-cream treat around.


A Sweet Ending

What ever happened to classic desserts? They¡¯ve never left at Cheeburger, from ice-cream floats to the perfect artistry of a banana split, we¡¯ve kept favorite dessert traditions right here, ready to provide the sweetest finish to a meal like no other.


Flavor Your Drink More:

Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Kiwi, Mango, Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, ChocoCola, CherryCola, VanillaCola, SUGAR FREE Raspberry & Peach.

Kids Menu